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This Gallery has been Updated after 6 years!!

August 23, 2022

SO! We’re back! Wow, I mean…yeah. This site was practically abandoned since 2016! When I did my last update. Since then I was really busy with my Patreon work and also had my share of Hiatuses. And the wide world web as we know it is completely different since those good ‘ol years. But I […]

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“Rina’s Night” will be Available this Wednesday, October 20!

October 17, 2021

“Rina’s Night” is my latest werewolf-TF adult comic that was until now only exclusive for my patreon.Within 3 days from now, the next 20 of October it will be available for purchase! at https://store.loboleo.com/shop/ “Rina’s Night” is a fully colored comic, 35 pages featuring a Woman becoming a Feral Wolf under the embrace of the […]

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“Penny’s Curse” NEW COMIC at the Store!

August 14, 2021

“Penny’s Curse” is the latest comic I’ve done…well “published” for digital purchase. It’s here! https://store.loboleo.com/shop/ Because this comic was actually finished back in October 2020 at my Patreon Gallery and only now is finally being posted! Reason? Well , many, but let’s just say I was really busy…and I kinda forgot? Yeah, it can happen. […]

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