I’m LoboLEO, an independent Artist born and living in Chile, who has spent most of his life drawing Digital Arts, focused on Werewolves and Werewolf Transformation since 2001 and who is still active (minus a few hiatuses) and still drawing for his Patreon Work at: https://www.patreon.com/loboleo

My style has always been influenced by Manga and Anime to some degree, while I’ve also tried to add some realism to it in some areas such as depicting “TF” in detail. And, although you’ll find a lot of Photo-Manipulation work through my gallery, that’s a type of art that I no longer make as I focused on creating comic books for many years.

About this Gallery?

-This Website is primary a Gallery that contains all my Works Focused on Werewolves Art, Transformations, Comics related, and Photomanipulations done by myself since 2001 up to this date.

And in the end, this gallery is primarily intended for open-minded people who share the same type of enthusiasm for this type of subject 🙂

When do you Update?

-This Gallery is updated at least Once a year after any big update. The reason being is to keep a reasonable separation between what I post as exclusive content for My Patreon before it becomes of public domain through this Open Gallery.

The latest Update was on August, 2022. The Next Gallery Update may arrive around August 2023. But New Comics can arrive at the Store at any given time, so stay tuned!


How do I commission you?

Usually, I’m very busy with my own works and projects so I can only add people’s ideas to a waiting list in order to decide when I can tackle any given commission.

You can reach me at my email: licantro@gmail.com

Or also by joining to “The Werewolf Preservation Society” Discord Server where I have my own channel: https://discord.gg/ZmZf5aJ where you can also PM me.

I can also respond at Twitter PM but much more slowly since I don’t check it as often (loboleo) https://twitter.com/loboleo

Once I get your idea you have to have a lot of patience as I may reply to you back in a few months or immediately depending on my time. I’m also free to deny any idea instantly if it doesn’t suit me.

Or -I guess- you could wait for me to announce I’m open to commissions on my social media feed, but that rarely happens, maybe once a year for a couple of hours. So, shrugs.

What are your Fees?

Since my work on commissions is limited I don’t currently have an updated sheet with my prices. But they range from USD$100 (One single character line-art) up to $500 for Fully Colored Commissions with more than one Character. And Right now I’m not taking Comic Commission at all.

Where do I follow you?

TW: https://twitter.com/loboleo

IM: https://www.instagram.com/theloboleo/ (Is new, not much content atm)

YT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkj0j_nnOlAqjFeNuBN4dnw


Find exclusive artwork on my Patreon page

Lobo Leo © 2001 - 2024

Reproduction of this work, in whole or in part, by electonic media, print, or otherwise—is forbidden without the consent of the author. All Rights Reserved. Characters and concept © Leonardo Vidal aka Licantro/Lobo~LEO.