“Rina’s Night” will be Available this Wednesday, October 20!

October 17, 2021

“Rina’s Night” is my latest werewolf-TF adult comic that was until now only exclusive for my patreon.
Within 3 days from now, the next 20 of October it will be available for purchase! at

“Rina’s Night” is a fully colored comic, 35 pages featuring a Woman becoming a Feral Wolf under the embrace of the full-moon while she encounters a male werewolf unknown to her named Cynfall.

For those who may remember my old works, “Rina’s night” is a sequel to an old short comic that I did when I was much younger named “The Gift” that you can found at the bottom of the next link here: as well as the early first few pages of Rina’s Night, which started back in 2009 and was only resumed in 2016 by demand of my readers. So it’s sort of a miracle this comic is finally “finished”, it’s been a ride!

So in any case thanks for your interest and for those who decide to purchase it, thanks again in advance!


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