This Gallery has been Updated after 6 years!!

August 23, 2022

SO! We’re back!

Wow, I mean…yeah. This site was practically abandoned since 2016! When I did my last update. Since then I was really busy with my Patreon work and also had my share of Hiatuses. And the wide world web as we know it is completely different since those good ‘ol years.

But I digress, so… after 4 of more years without updating I was just overwhelmed just thinking on the amount of work I’d had put just in order to update the old Gallery that was still working with the old HTML code. It was a pain just to think about editing that thing.

So yeah, I needed some help to revamp the Gallery and after a few years I got it, but then Covid happened and I had another Hiatus that I regret deeply. But then, finally this year I manage to get back to art and I resumed art-works back in June this year. And now, finally, on August 2022, we’re finally here! NEW GALLERY to Behold!

So what any of this means?

It means from now on the process of updating the gallery with new content is MUCH easier for me, and more importantly, it’s a gallery that in this day and age actually works well for Mobile too.

The most important feature you’ll discover is the ability to filter and Hide or Show the NSFW art-work with a simple click or tap located atop the Menu.

Now, as for updates. My work continues to be focused for Patreon First and later for this Gallery. So what I can promise is that this gallery from now on WILL be updated AT LEAST once a year or maybe early depending on the amount of content I produce.

But in any case, it will be a smooth process. And I will be able to provide a date as we lean closer to reaching one year after any big update.

That said, New Comics added to the Store will be posted at any given time once they are finished. To stay tuned for those kinds of updates follow me at the links below.

As for Me, LoboLEO, I continue to be active minus at least one hiatus between January and March which is Summer for me, others may happen depending on health.

If you use Discord you can join to “The Werewolf Preservation Society” where I have my own channel. The Link to the Dscord server is :

And if you wanna know more about my commission status, please check more about that on the “About” Link above.

But that’s all for now, thanks for reading and keeping up with me while following my work for so long!



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