PENNY’S CURSE (Digital Comic)

August 14, 2021


Woman to Were-Fox Chimera transformation Comic.



Penny knows what lies inside her, a wild creature that during this particular night wants to come out and play. Her deepest desires come out while being alone at this isolated cabin around the woods, the creature: a Fox-like Demon hungry for flesh and sex.

Type of Comic : Transformation from Woman to Vulpine Demon Were-Beast creature, sexual themes, female solo.

ZIP Includes:

–  7 Gray Shaded PNG Pages + 1 Color Cover
–  PDF Version & CBR file for easy viewing
–  30+ Bonus Images that include: Line Art Version of the Pages and Shaded pages without text. Plus Sketches of most pages.

*After buying this, please check your “promotion” or “notification” folder within your e-mail. The downloadable link could take up to two hours to arrive, please be patient.

**Also is not Recommended to download the ZIP file through Mobile devices because of the Huge Size of the File. (145mb+) And the tool needed to open : Winzip or Winrar.

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