“New Bonds” (Comic Sketch)

More old stuff. Here I had the idea to take what I did about "Special Bonds" ( https://lobo-leo.vercel.app/post/cl5q97jwgl65k0clpf46d76v1 ) but instead of a cat is a girl, a roommate is the one who finds her friend changing in the bathroom.

I seriously don't like much of these pics, most of the drawings are really poor because I just wanted to sketch fast and get an overall idea. At the beginning I tried with a male subject which I then changed it to a female. That's why the end form has some inconsistencies. 

Here you may also find a few traces of "Force of Nature" that I'll eventually re-use much later. All in all a huge mess, but for the small amount of work I did on this I hope you find some enjoyment anyhow :p


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