Force of Nature (Unfinished Comic)

A female cop who is recently bitten starts to go through her first transformation as she tries to understand what is happening to her body.

This comic followed a previous sequence ("The Alley Werewolf") as the catalyst for the story.

I also used assets from a sequence named "Bitten" to start the comic which I totally regret, but regardless I did try to do something different as the pictures had more narration and it was supposed to be more of an illustrated story, but then… I kinda felt it wasn't working out so I backtracked to a more conventional comic style re-editing previous pages.

In the end, I had to put the project on hold indefinitely as back then I was way too overwhelmed with too many projects on my plate so I had to focus on "Rina's Night" and "Becoming Wolves" and "Beta-Collie" and later "Hunter's Mate".

Will I ever come back to it? I really don't know. Maybe once Hunter's Mate is done.


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