Reverse Wolf (Sequence)

August 8, 2022

I did these drawings when I was working on "Becoming Wolves" I keep thinking this could be a neat continuation. And I think that's why I keep these pics for me. But right now I'm not sure anymore. Maybe I'll go with this for the sequel or just start with something completely different…

In any case I hope you like it 🙂


Going Wolf

Just a sequence where my focus was the face structure more than anything.

Special Bonds II (Abandoned Comic Idea)

So I did that excerpt of a Tabby's story in form of a short comic :

The story was, a recently bitter werewolf guy changes in his bathroom when his cat shows interest in what is happening to her master.

Then I added on the idea that the cat was intelligent because she was actually a werecat (I think Tabby had the same idea for a future story) and she was fascinated to find another being that could change just like her.

So I did this pic :

And then two years later I thought It could be really fun to follow that idea through when the guy wakes up to find her new companion with him. Sadly besides the first page sketch of him falling from his bed, there is no setup.

They were supposed to have a chat where he says he can't control himself and he could be dangerous to her, to which the werecat tries to show him that his wolf side is not as monstrous as he thinks it is. One thing leads to another and LEWD things happen.

But this was the extent of what I did.

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