NEW STORE Content!- New Site Gallery COMING SOON!

October 1, 2018

Hello Wolves!

For the past month I’ve been working alongside a good friend to re-work from the ground up a new Gallery for the site so I can start uploading new art to the site. I just can’t use the old system anymore because of its cumbersome nature. I had to manually create every single thumbnail and link manually for each pic, resulting in many times with broken links. And most importantly it was a time consuming work that prevented me to make often uploads. And now I’m doing away with that. With commissions and comics I just don’t have the time anymore to be editing html files and such.

But it has taken more time that intended to bring up the new gallery, so bare with me. In the meantime we’ve updated the site navigation for mobile, added my twitter feed and more important we have added a NEW STORE:

This NEW Store will contain ZIP files with Art Content from my recent work At my Patreon Page. These Zip Files will be added here a month later after being delivered to my Patreon subscribers (Example: my September Loboleo’s content is delivered to my patrons starting October, this zip will be at the store the first week of November). Note: These zip are “Alpha Tier” content, so they don’t include my Alpha Luna works.

And then, SOME art of those zip will be freed and posted here in the new gallery. I estimate about 4 months after being at the store.

I hope with that everything is clear. I really appreciate all your support through the years! This option is specially designed for people who don’t like subscriptions and have issues with Patreon. That said this is my way to be fair with my Patreon subscribers too keeping the exclusiveness intact while being fair for people who are interested to see my work.

I do also understand the concern of people and casual viewers thinking I’ve just moved all of my work behind a paywall. And again, the new gallery is intended to solve those concerns while still helping me to keep living out my work. That’s why I’ve only put Patreon content from 2018 for sale and not my past art between 2015 and 2016 that is YET to be posted soon for the new public gallery. That’s why I’ve removed “Two Howls” from the store because it will be also be released for the public gallery soon.

And that’s about it. As always don’t forget to click a follow at my twitter that I’m using more often at  where I’m even releasing some art work from time to time.

As usual I’m still streaming some nights at after 6 pm (PST time) and if you wanna join my pack you can become a member of our Discord Server “The Werewolf preservation Society” at

Aand That’s all Wolves! *HOWLS*


2018 – Restored Site!

January 26, 2018

No new for now. Just so you know I finally manage to rescue the files needed to re-upload the site as it was before. I’m not sure if there are dead links so I hope you tolerate some errors if you find them. I hope to add new content in the near future.

If you want you can catch me drawing sometimes at   (subscribe so you know I’m online 🙂


Art Update! (5-5-2016) (Finally!) & my Patreon LoboLEO Gallery is Live Again!

May 5, 2016

So I just updated plenty of art work that I had flying around  between my FA gallery, DA and more importantly from my Patreon Gallery. Most of the art-work is one year old and most probably annual updates will be a thing here except that I still pretend to update the Store Gallery with new content down the line, probably on July. Yeah, at least better than the 4 years gap of no art update, eh? :/ – back then since 2012 I was just way too busy with my main comic Alpha Luna that was being published in my country, Chile.

A few of you know I also have another Patreon focused on my work of AL. But because I don’t want to force anyone to support me on both Patreons, I’ll be adding all of Alpha Luna patreon upcoming content to one of my rewards at LOBOLEO’s Patreon Gallery as well.  You’d be saving $10 for a pledge of $20 at my Lobo patreon and you’ll have all the content I produce of both galleries. But that’s up to you of course and I appreciate anything you choose in the end, read the rewards at my Patreon carefully if you’re interested in my work, I’ll appreciate it a lot!

The Content at my LOBO Patreon includes the continuation of the Old “Rina’s Night” comic (2 pages a month), “Becoming Wolves” (2 pages a month)  which previously was posted here at the comic section as “Wolfhood” (I changed its name) , if you pledge for $20 you’ll also see Collie’s transformation comic, also 2 pages a month and plus all the additional content I produce a month, weekly sketches and other Image sequence I’m always working on.

So, about this site:

60+ New pics have been added to the Art Section, Including some old pics from previous years that were missing like The “Fatal Bite” commissions pics and others.

The Comic Section has 3 New Comics, one of them is unfinished. All of them work inspired in works of Timid Tabby, thanks buddy!

The Movies section has 3 new videos. The “Mai Werewolf” was on youtube for  a long time, oh My YT channel is this one by the way. The others 2 videos are nothing fancy, just more muzzles growing for fun 😛

In others news since I’m lately very active you can catch me Streaming Online at now and then. I have not particular schedule, but if you click on follow at Picarto it will let you know when I’m Online.

That’s about it -for now – I probably have forgotten to upload a thing or two, believe is not easy to arrange and sort all of my work for publishing , it took me a few days to update this page. And I’ll update it again soon if it’s needed (let’s hope there are no broken links).

Also, Remember you can like my LoboLEO Fanpage to talk about this update and ask me anything since the comment section here is closed due too much spam. For private messages you can contacte me to licantro (a ) gmail. com



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