March 4, 2015



After  years I’m “updating” again, well … not quite. Some may be disappointed because well,  I’m moving to Patreon:

“What does this means?”

It means updates may come to this site eventually (Don’t hold your breath) and they may won’t be as big updates as they used to be. Because most of updates, if not all, will be on Patreon first.

“Why?! I’m Mad now!”

Because the old model of working an html file, inserting thumbnails and adjusting the link just doesn’t do it with me anymore. Also because for me, feedback is really important and here there is no comment box for pictures as Galleries Site have. I know there are ways around it, through WordPress extensions but right now I don’t see myself doing some research about it,  my tech knowledges is pretty basic and I don’t want to bang my head against the keyboard right now when I need to focus on deadlines and a lot of drawing (Alpha Luna’s second TPB).

And ALSO because when updating this gallery for years I’ve been trying to come up with some interesting, big updates, to show finished works  that could add substantial imagery to this gallery. That model meant a lot of re-work, editing on many drawings at the same time just to be able to upload that much content.

I’m kinda done with that thinking, and creating thumbnail for dozen and dozen of pics I have is not encouraging. And because with Werewolf Art I’ve always been an sketchy person myself doing what I do for fun with no particular order and have accumulated many, many pictures, sequences, that may have no beginning or end. So, uploading unfinished stuff was always a pain . “I should not upload this 8 pic sequence because 2 are missing” or “this sequence is half colored, should I color it before?” or “This story needs a beginning, then later…” or stuff like that.

Then You may say that I should focus then on my Fur Affinity gallery, but the thing is I need to survive, seriously. And Patreon is my way to say thank you to all the people who want to support my work.

Stuff like The Wolfhood Comic (you can see the preview in the gallery comics) that I’ve worked for years, now yo’ll be able to see a page at a time at Patreon instead of waiting for the whole thing here at the site. The model for comics in my store will work as one weekly page at Patreon and eventually a buy out price here at the site with extra content. So that way, everybody wins.

With Patreon I’ll be uploading everything, all the time, old stuff , new stuff. People will be able to see, comment on pics and say what you like more (specially about comics) an what would you like me to continue. In a way this is sort of a return to the Donator’s gallery I did back many many years ago. That was a pain to handle, thanks god now is everything automatic 🙂 !

In Other News, The store has been cleaned of old meaningless stuff and Two Howls is now  $5 usd.

“Wait, you have already a Patreon for Alpha Luna!”

Some may be aware of this, but Alpha Luna is …well AL focused. Yes, Both Patreons will share some content like werewolves design and sequences. But only LoboLeo’s Patreon will have the whole Werewolf deal with Mature Content. While Alpha Luna is PG-13 oriented.

If I could something special to people who support me in both galleries I would!

“SO this Gallery is Dead?!”

Not Really? Kinda? Patreon will always be First, then my FA gallery will receive SOME of my Patreon content several weeks later.

But the site’s store will be updated when I have finished comics for selling. And eventually! with the help of my commitment to Patreon I’ll have stuff to upload. When? Maybe in a few months.

“How can I be up to date/Follow you?”

For werewolf TF Content my main  Public Blog will always be the one at FA

And also I’ll start using my FB Fanpage LOBOLEOx more consistently.

And my Alpha Luna comic FB page if you really wanna know what I’m doing since AL uses most of my time.

That’s all of I can think right now. Any questions, concern please feel free to ask me at licantro (at) gmail . com

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to become a Patron.


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