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A New Start

It took me awhile, isnt?. The whole gallery wont be back in one flash since in the end I decided to put it back through simple html work. For some time I said I’d put the art up in some gallery like FurAffinity, but in the end due my photomorph and some video works I realized that it wasn’t the best idea.

The American Werewolf girl you asked so much for return was impossible to put it back in there due its policy. And certanly I didn’t want to keep my art splited between galleries here and there. So I decided to go back to the roots and keep it al tight.But as you see, at least I added a blog to keep it all comments in one place and everything in order. People use to shout at my DA galleryomic, but finally you have a place here for my TF art related. or at my c

As you see the old donator gallery doesn’t exist anymore. Instead I decided to add collections of old and new TF art so you be able to decide what to get when you donate. I’ll be adding more art, old comics, sequences that I have on hold as I have time. But remember, this method require you have some storage space in your email account. Normally I’ll send it to your paypal account, if not send me a note in the donation with another email where you want the stuff.

In the Donations section you’ll be able to take a look for upcoming pages of Rina’s Night (The Gift II) with sketches, muzzles growth and some sex. Just don’t expect anything expectacular, they are just sketches.

For those who donated in the past and didn’t get nothing contact me at which will be my main email for now. Which me luck, let’s hope some guy don’t decide to attack my site again :-s , but I’ll do what I can to keep alive, here I’m isn’t?.


2 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. First Comment on the redesigned website !w00t! ^_^

    It’s nice to see the site coming back around. I wish you luck on getting things patched up again and hoping to see future installments.

    Also praying that no morons try to hack and ruin the site again. Get digital guard wolfies to scare them off XD

  2. How about once the TF ends on Rina’s night, you simply split it into two comics. One is just the TF (that you’ve already done) and the other is the TF with the other stuff.

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