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2008 - 2012
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2007 - 2009





SABRINA, THE AMERICAN WEREWOLF GIRL. (Status Finished 2007 - 2009) (M)

This is a homage to probably the greastest transformation escene in a movie (An American Werewolf in London) but with a girl. A co-work comission by XheihachiX, Sabrina and me. It has a long story but I can say it took longer that I expected (2 years!). I thank you to all the people who supporte me to do this work which was dificult due many reasons and problems I went through. Enjoy.

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This is a slideshow - conceptual artwork that I did for the pre-production of a werewolf film called"Freeborn" (Freborn©Anthony Brownrigg) during 2006. Using a series of photos that were distributed to work on different ideas about Werewolves and the change process aswell I took the time to make it beliviable but still good looking. Many inputs and ideas were discussed at the original forum thepacksden.com - To this Date I'm not sure if the film will happen, but I'm thankfull to have had the chance to play around this for a while and have gained new experience.




Werewolf's Dungeon (Finished 2004 - 2005) (M)

This was the first time I decided to take the photomorph work with a more serious apraoach into a graphic-novel style. It was an experiment that came out pretty well and helped me to evolve into this art.

A man strugles through the curse to realise of his true nature...




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