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If you're not an adult, please search for other werewolf art websites, such as my online comic Alpha Luna.

Getting back the Old Stuff.

Before bringing anything new I’m recovering my old stuff. So, there a few things I added:

To The Drawing Art : -Elf to werewolf (3 pics) and The pact (11 pics) were added (Both within the 2003-2005 set). Also added an old avatar of mine xp (2006-2008).

To Movies:

– Added “Downloable Videos”: Lobos (man to wolf) , Werewolf-Face and  Wolf Muzzle. 

To Comics: The last  “A wild Night” ( Pic 6)  and “Cambios” was added to within “Teen Fangs”.

 To STORE: Added “OLD Sketches – Females PACK” which includes most of my sketches done between 2001 and 2005 about werewolves girls.

-Added “OLD Sketches – Male PACK” which includes sketches between 2001 and 2003 with male werewolves.

-Added “Lobos” Man to Wolf (Mature+Extended  version) + OLD TF Videos –

-“Chimera Chick” and “A Real Bitch” are now US$2.-

If I have time probably next will I’ll start adding new stuff.


Art Howls of April 25-2010

Well, there is a lot of updates this time:

At the Gallery Section you’ll find within Drawings 11 new works which include sequences that add 40 pics or so. Two of those pics are 2 werewolves designs of Melinda and Yves as fan art, characters by Happygun from the best werewolf story I’ve ever read on the net: The Woods & its sequel the Lycanthrope Club.  He is a great guy and has helped me in the past with brainstorming ideas. Also posted a pic of Tammy doing a what if I’d draw her now days and you’ll notice the diference with my old art. The rest of the stuf are mostly sketches I’ve doing for fun, a few sequences that I’ve considered for animation purposes that I haven’t done yet and how knows if I’ll ever do, if you’re an animator, go for it.

At the Comic Section I’ve added 3 comics which are”A Wild Night” , a hand drawn comic (when I still had my scanner) I was doing a year ago but never finished  since I lost a few pages, “Emil Wolves” which will only be shown as sketches here since is a real life comission, don’t expect further  updates on it. And “Two Howls” which is a long term project comic about a couple who get “wild” over the night when the moon rises. Upcoming pages Will be only available for Donators or the Store, I’ll decide about it later, but don’t look further for new pages as I’ll announce that when I had 5 new pages which will take a long while to produce.

At Photomorphs I’ve included 2 pics, just 1 of this current year and another which is listed as the last of 07-09 list.

At The STORE I’ve finished the second and last part of  “Cearaphyn Candice” for fans of beastly girls :D, part werewolf, part lizard and goat? :p. Thanks to Cearenbow and Sephzero for his patience.

For the Movies I have nothing new but a few of old stuff that I’d upload if I’d had some help, a way to insert a embed video code or something that uses videos from my own website, ’cause I won’t be uploading mature stuff at youtube you know. Do you know how to do that and wanna lend me hand? I’ll appreciate it very much. I also have a sequence I’d like to convert to movie when I morph the images, are you good at morphing images? Well, let me know. Licantro (a)

Talking about old stuff I may be putting that ugly stuff lol at the Store for the people who may like it, cause I kinda feel bad for the poor art I had then xp.

Before I go I need to ask for forgiveness for the delay in responding for Store account or Donator’s stuff, I really sorry about that since I was idle for one and other reason for the past months. But I’m doing my best now.

That’s for now, enjoy and take care.


Gallery Update Aug 17

Hi there guys, how are you doing? Don’t be afraid to ask anything at the comment box below. Remember you can always subscribe at this RSS-feed clicking in web-browser icon.

The reason for the time I’m taking to upload the old pics is due a decision I’m taking with the stuff. 65% of it was in the past only viewable for donators only and now I’m opening a few of those to everybody. This is due much of that material is too old to keep it that way, specially now that I’m just distributing art through a different method. If you’re gonna donate to get something at least I’m trying to compensate quality with quantity or the other way around.

I’m myself some way shy with some art that it’s ridiculously bad that I may not put back again, but still I’m considering to put a bunch of old sketch for the store if you’re up for that.

For the Updates:

The Comic Section has “Teen Fangs” back in place. Probably the “pilot” tf scene for what would become Alpha Luna.

The Drawing Art Section has a couple of 5 old pics that you may like to revisit or that may haven’t seen due they were previously only for donators.

And the Photmorphs Section has a massive update with several work spanning since 2002 to this date including my work at Freeborn. And few of which were never posted before! :-s

Now, some people may be wondering why I have 2 items in the donation section and a couple at the store. You see, I’ve been trying the Quagga System (The store tickets) for comfort, where I don’t have to send emails or stuff for each account at all. But at same time I don’t feel totally ok with is since -for now- only uses pdf files and I’m obligated to put the images inside this format which for some pictures they gain extra pixels, razor edges lines when you zoom-navigate into them. And I don’t like it :/

In the other Hand the Donators section has a more simple system for me to send the stuff through zip files. And so it’s limited (in file size) and use a bit more of my time to make it work, but the image are jpg stored and the are easy to read and see.

So until the Store get updated and support other formats I’ll have stuff in the Donation Section.

In other new I’ve been working in new stuff , a comic tf with nce girl and a new Chimera for a change :p I hope it  will be available soon….! That’s all for now thanks and take care.