Content Advisory

This website is a gallery focused on themes of werewolves and transformations. Some of the content has adult themes and due to its nature is only recommended for people that are 18 years or older (or the legal age to view adult content, depending on your country's laws) with a comprehensive and open mind.

If you're not an adult, please search for other werewolf art websites, such as my online comic Alpha Luna.


-This Den is A Gallery that contains all my Art-Work focused in Werewolves as Art study, transformations , comics related, photomorphs and others done by myself since 2001 to this date.

-There is no a scheduele of updates, this site also act as a personal art case. And so I add new stuff bewteen months and spare time I have. So don’t ask when Im going to be updating. I work , study and Im doing a comic online that for now take most of my time.

– “Where is all the old art? I remember your site containing more work”

Most of my old stuff it’s at the Store Section. The reason is that I wouldn’t post it otherwise due its low quality. It’s actually posted because people asked me to and decided that if you helped me in the process I could keep the site alive through it, and I’m thankful for your support.

– “I want to comission you!”

I Have so little time that for now I usually say no. But if you’re lucky you can add me to my msn where I usually get contacted faster about commissions deals. MSN: leonardovidalf (at) , AIM: loboleo2003 or yahooMSN: lobo_leo, Gtalk: licantro (at)

– “I have other questions, what is your email?”